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VW Golf - generation

The Volkswagen Golf or VW Golf (Mark 1 and Mark 5 badged as Volkswagen Rabbit in the United States and Canada, Mark 1 badged as Volkswagen Caribe in Mexico) is a compact car / small family car that Volkswagen manufactures. The front-wheel drive Golf was Volkswagen's first successful replacement for the air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle. Historically, it is Volkswagen's best-selling model and the world's third best-selling model, with more than 25 million built by 2007.

Most production of the Golf has been in the 3-door hatchback style. Other variants include a 5-door hatchback, station wagon (estate / Variant), convertible (Cabrio), and a 4-door Volkswagen Jetta saloon (sedan). A touring (wagon) version of the Jetta has also been available. They have filled many market segments from basic personal cars to high-performance hot hatches.

The Golf's success popularised the use of the hatchback in the C segment of cars and began the entire Golf class. See also Volkswagen A platform.

Volkswagen Golf Mk I (1974–1984)

The first Golf began production in 1974. Marketed in the United States and Canada from 1975 to 1984 as the Volkswagen Rabbit and in Latin America as the Volkswagen Caribe, it featured the water-cooled, front wheel drive design pioneered by the Citroën Traction Avant in 1934 with the addition of a hatchback pioneered by the Renault 4 in 1961. The Golf was Wheels magazine's Car of the Year for 1975. The name is short for Golf-Strom, German for Gulf Stream; it was named for that oceanic current to reflect its international character. It was originally named the Rabbit in North America and the Caribe in Latin America, ironically, because marketers decided that no one in the Western Hemisphere would understand the European name.

While the Golf was not the first design with this layout (earlier examples being the Austin and Morris Mini of 1959, the Austin Maxi in the late 1960s and the Fiat 128 3P of the early 1970s), it was very successful, especially since it married these features with Volkswagen's reputation for solid build-quality and reliable engineering.

The Golf was designed by Italian automobile architect / designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, of the ItalDesign design studio. A version of this original Golf model, known as the Volkswagen CitiGolf, is still produced in South Africa as an entry level car.

In 1978, Volkswagen commenced producing the Rabbit version of the Mk1 Golf in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, thus becoming the first European car manufacturer in modern times to produce a vehicle in the United States. Former Chevrolet executive James McLernon was chosen to run the factory, which was built to lower the cost of the Rabbit in North America by producing it locally. Unfortunately, McLernon tried to "Americanize" the Rabbit by softening the suspension and using cheaper materials for the interior. VW purists in America and company executives in Germany were displeased, and for the 1983 model year the Pennsylvania plant went back to using stiffer shocks and suspension with higher-quality interior trim. The plant also began producing the GTI for the North American market. (Rabbits were built in Pennsylvania through 1984.) The first VW Caddy pick-up, based on the Mk1 Golf, was also created at the Pennsylvania plant.

The GTI version, launched in Europe in 1976 and in the US in 1983, virtually created the hot hatch genre overnight, and many other manufacturers since have created special sports models of their regular volume selling small hatchbacks. It was one of the first small cars to adopt fuel injection for its sports version, which raised power output of the 1588 cc engine to 110 PS (81 kW/108 hp). In 2004, Sports Car International announced the GTI Mk I as the 3rd best car of the 1980s. In the United States, the Mk1 Golf GTI was known as the Rabbit GTI.

There was a minor facelift in 1980 for North American versions only, which saw the adoption of larger rear lamp clusters (more in line with Guigiaro's original concepts), larger bumpers, square headlights and a new dashboard with a more modern-looking instrument display.

The convertible version, named the Cabriolet, was sold from 1980 to 1993 (a convertible version of the Golf II was not made, so the Mk1 cabrio with slight modification was produced until the introduction of the Mk III cabrio). It had a reinforced body, transverse roll bar, and a high level of trim. The A1 Volkswagen convertible is of unibody construction built entirely at the factory of Karmann, from stamping to final assembly; Volkswagen supplied the engine, suspension, interior, etc. for Karmann to install. The vinyl tops were insulated and manually operated, with a glass rear window.

As of 2006, Volkswagen of South Africa still manufactures two first generation Golfs, the four-door "Citi" Golf and the "Pickup".

Volkswagen Golf Mk II (1983–1992)

The second-generation Golf was launched in 1983 (launched in North America in 1985) and featured a larger bodyshell and a wider range of engine options, including a GTD (In euro markets, using the 1.6 'umwelt' diesel engine), a DOHC 1781 cc (1.8) 16-valve version of the straight-four GTI (as well as the tried and tested 1781 cc (1.8) 8v GTI), the supercharged 8v "G60" with 2wd and 4wd options, and a racing homologated variant of this, the "Rallye".

This Golf was marketed for the first time with that name in the United States and Canada. The Rabbit name used on the Mark I was meant to give a car a cuddly image, but with the eighties redesign of the car, Carl Hahn, the former Volkswagen of America president now chairman of the whole company, dictated that Volkswagen model names be standardized globally. James Fuller, head of the Volkswagen brand in North America, concurred in using the Golf name to stress the car's Teutonic character. The GTI continued to be sold as a trim level of the Golf in Europe, but in North America it was (and continues to be) marketed as a separate model line.

A very limited edition hand-built Golf II variant exists, including all of the best features available at the time. Designed and built by the Volkswagen Motorsport division, only 71 of these "G60 Limited" models exist; featuring a unique number and plaque, the G60 supercharger was combined with the 16-valve GTI engine, mated to a sports transmission and Syncro four wheel drive mechanism. All of these special edition models came in black, with four doors (except two in three door), a plain two-headlight grille (not the usual GTI four headlights) and a unique blue grille detail (not red, as the GTI) and motorsport badges. It is rumored that two models were produced with air conditioning. In 1989, these cars cost in the region of £25,000 each and were primarily sold to VAG executives and management, although a few exist in Britain as of 2005. These cars produced 212 bhp, making them the most powerful VW Golfs ever produced, until the introduction of the MkIV Golf R32 in 2003.

There was also a version called Golf Country, designed for light off-road driving. It had more suspension travel, four-wheel drive, bullbars (generally over a single headlight grill), a skidplate for protecting the engine area, and a spare wheel mounted externally on the back. In Europe it was offered with the acclaimed 114 bhp 1.8 8v petrol engine, and in smaller numbers, the 75 hp 1.6 GTD turbo diesel engine. The Golf Country was particularly popular in Alpine regions in central Europe.

During the life of the Golf II, there were a number of external style revisions. The most notable was the introduction of so called "Big Bumpers", which were introduced in the European market with the August 1989 facelift. Other notable changes to the looks of the Golf II include the removal of quarterlight windows in the front doors, in favor of single piece glass, and the introduction of larger grill slats with the August 1987 facelift.

As with the North American Rabbit, the second-generation Golf was produced in Pennsylvania. When sales in North America failed to live up to expectations and with increasing productions costs, the Westmoreland plant was closed in July 1988. Subsequent Golfs sold in North America came from Germany and Mexico. The Mark II Golf was discontinued in Europe in 1991, but Mexican-made Mark II models remained available in North America for another year.

The GTI was Motor Trend magazine's Car of the Year for 1985, as well as VWVortex's "Best Golf of all time". The MkII GTI failed to make the same waves as the MkI, and failed to win back the Golf GTI's fanbase which had adopted the Peugeot 205 GTI. In North America, where Peugeot did not sell the 205 in any guise, Volkswagen faced tough competition from the Honda Civic S (later Si).

Volkswagen Golf Mk III (1991–1998)

The third-generation Golf was launched in November of 1991, although it did not appear in North America until the spring of 1993. The delay in North America was due to Volkswagen's decision to supply U.S. and Canadian dealerships with Mark III Golfs (and Mark III Jettas) from the VW plant in Puebla, Mexico. Quality control problems led Volkswagen of America to reject Golfs and Jettas from Mexico; shortly thereafter, labor unrest at the plant delayed the car's North American introduction even further. The third-generation Golf and Jetta finally made it to North America, first as 1993 models in the San Diego, California area, then in the fall in the rest of North America as 1994 models. Three-door Golfs of this generation were mostly only available in North America in GTI form.

The third-generation Golf was elected Car of the Year in 1992. For the first time a station wagon derivative was produced. The GTI variants (especially with the straight-four 4 cylinder engine) are considered to be the poorest of the performance Golfs, with significantly increased weight, but with minimal power increases. A "best of breed" VR6 variant exists which was available in a well regarded "Highline" trim; this 2.8 L VR6 engine gave a significant boost in power to 174 PS (128 kW/172 hp) for the Mk. III, a car weighing only about 1285 kg (2836 lb). Compare that to the Mk. II GTI that weighed 285 kg (629 lb) less but had only 139 PS (102 kW/137 hp) and a much smaller engine to tune (1.8 L). The convertible version was called the Cabrio.

A 16-valve version of the third-generation Golf GTI was introduced in 1993. This model was greeted with a muted sense of disenchantment with the motoring press. The engine was the same enlarged to 2.0 L, with power now reaching 150 PS (110 kW/148 hp). While underpowered compared to the VR6, it was still relatively popular with driving enthusiasts in Europe (North America didn't get the GTI version proper, but had the name applied to the VR6 engine). Once again the Golf Driver version took its place as the official GTI-look-alike but with a more humble single-point injected 1.8 L engine.

The Golf MkIII was also the predecessor of the diesel craze that swept through Europe in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when Volkswagen introduced the direct-injection system with the 90 PS Golf TDI in 1993. The 1996 TDI, at 110 PS (81 kW/108 hp) for a 1.9 L engine, wasn't the first diesel engine installed in a road car to achieve over 50 hp/L, but it showed the public that diesel engines could be powered without losing their fuel efficiency, while also retaining massive amounts of low-end torque, in the TDI's case, 235 N·m (173 lbf·ft) at 1900 rpm.

During the 1990s, Volkswagen sponsored three high-profile rock bands' European tours, and issued a special-edition Golf, with distinctive exterior markings, for each: the Golf Pink Floyd Edition (1994), the Golf Rolling Stones Edition (1995), and the Golf Bon Jovi Edition (1996).

In 1996 Volkswagen produced a limited 1000 special-edition 3-door '20th Anniversary' GTI's. These had the usual GTI specification but a came with checkered GTI logo'd Recaro sport seats, red seat belts, half-chrome golf ball gear knob, red stitching on the steering wheel and on the handbrake gatter and silver dialed instruments. The red theme continued externally with a red striping on the bumpers and red brake calipers, the wheels were 16" split rim BBS alloys, visually similar to the 15" that were found on VR6 model. Brush stainless steel rear twin tailpipes on the exhaust and smoked front fog and indicator lamps to match the rear lamps. 3 optional extras were made available; electric sunroof, air conditioning and metallic black paintwork. Insurance was based on the standard GTI which made this version a very desirable model. The edition was sold in only 6 colour schemes and the 1000 number figures that were produced was as follows; 600 8 valve models, 150 16 valve models and 250 TDI models. The diesel model was only produced for the European market and wasn't sold in the UK. Together with the 'colour concept' version that was produced during the final months before the production of the Mk. IV version, the 20th Anniversary model will probably be seen as the one of the rarest Mk. III models.The Golf MK. III was also avaliavle in "Ecomatic" Form. It was powered with a diesel engine and a clutchless manual transmission. The engine was switched off after 1.5 seconds of inactivity, whether by stopping or coasting. Re-starting the engine simply required depressing the accellerator pedal. VW had previously pioneered similar technology in the VW Polo "Formel E" in the 1980's.

As with the Mark I and Mark II, the Mark III would remain available in North America for a year after it was discontinued in Europe.

Volkswagen Bora (1998—2005)

Known as the Bora in Europe and Latin America, the fourth generation Jetta debuted in late 1998 after its larger sibling, the Passat, with which it shared many styling cues. The rounded shape and arched roofline serve as the new Volkswagen styling trademark, abandoning traditional sharp creases for curved corners. The A4 came in four different trim levels (GL, GLS, GLX, and GLI), and was also offered as a wagon. In some European markets, the station wagon version was marketed as a Golf ("Estate" in the UK and Ireland, "Break" in France, "Variant" in some areas) and had a Golf grille, headlights, bumper, and fenders.

The GL was the base model, powered by a slightly revised 2.0 L 8-valve four cylinder engine based on the previous models, an optional 1.9 L TDI diesel engine, and from 2001 on, by the turbocharged 1.8 L engine (Wolfsburg Edition). By 2002, Volkswagen had eliminated many of the original production issues with the original design, and later model year A4 Jettas are generally more desirable on the secondhand market. 2003 saw the re-release of the Wolfsburg edition featuring the updated turbocharged 1.8 L engine, now with 180hp. 2003 was also the last year in North America for the 1.9L 'ALH' TDI turbodiesel engine design, and its reputation for reliability and versatility (many owners use biodiesel and/or vegetable oil fuels) have resulted in high resale prices for cars with this engine. The earlier models, however, has many known recalls and bugs, with many owners reporting electric or lighting malfunctions.

The GLS was a step up, with options for leather seats and a sport package which included 17" alloy wheels and a stiffer suspension. This line offered all engine choices until 2003, when the VR6 choice was dropped. The GLX was the luxury model, with leather seats, wood grain trim, automatic climate control (Climatronic), rain-sensing windshield wipers, and other amenities. In 2003, the VR6 engine moved to a drive-by-wire 24-valve design rated at 200 hp (150 kW). It was available in the GLX and the new-for-2003 GLI model. The GLI offered sport suspension, six-speed manual transmission, and the 200 hp (150 kW) VR6. In 2004, the GLX model was dropped.

In 2004, Volkswagen revised their Jetta GLI offering. It offered a 180 hp 1.8 L inline-4, linked to a 6-speed manual transmission. The car received a stiffer and lower suspension (Eibach springs 20% stiffer than stock, 21 mm front sway bar, 23 mm rear sway bar, gas Monroe shocks, and upgraded rear bushings resulting in a 30 mm drop in the ride height), body kit (consisting of a front valance, sideskirts, and a rear valance), larger brakes (12.3" vented discs in front, 10" vented in rear),headlights with black outer portions and smoked taillights (R/SCC/R/SCC), and 18" (457 mm) BBS RC wheels equipped with low profile 40 series high-performance summer tires (Goodyear Eagle F1 DS-G3). VW also installed a stainless steel exhaust with a single chrome tip 2.25" in diameter. ESP (Electronic Stability Program) was the only option available, and the majority of GLIs were produced with it. The GLI was available in Black Magic Pearl, Platinum Gray, Tornado Red, and Blue Lagoon. The interior was black with aluminum trim, including black upholstered Recaro bucket seats with red "GLI" lettering embroidered on the backrest, a black headliner with associated black trim, half-height FIS gauge cluster, leather wrapped three spoke steering wheel, sunroof, Aluminum pedals (similar to Audi TT / Beetle Turbo S pedals), and a 200 watt Monsoon 8-speaker stereo system with in-dash CD player and tape deck. The car could accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds with a top speed of 146 mph. In 2005, Volkswagen offered the GLI with a five-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic.

Also in 2004, a new 'PD' version of the 1.9L TDI diesel engine was offered, a 1.9 L TDI unit producing 74 kW (100 hp DIN) and 177 ft·lbf (250 N·m) of torque. This new engine employed pump-equipped unit injectors and additional electronics and emissions equipment to meet new diesel emissions standards in North America, and is considerably more complex than the older ALH engine previously offered.

Commencing with the 2002 1/2 model year, all Jettas equipped with 1.8T engines, regardless of trim level, produced 180 hp ("AWP" engine code). This was a 30 hp improvement over the previous 150 hp 1.8T and was accomplished with a slightly larger turbocharger (K03S instead of K03) and a slight change to the engine mapping. The engine block was not changed.

A high performance version of the A4 Bora was sold in several countries, and had 4-Motion all wheel drive and a VR6 engine. 2.3 L VR5 and 1.6 L I4 engines were also available in Europe.

Volkswagen Golf Mk IV (1997 - 2006)

Launched in 1997 the Golf IV was the latest version of Volkswagen iconic model, and it became the biggest selling car in Europe at one point. It was a deliberate attempt to take the Golf further upmarket, with a high-quality interior and higher equipment levels. Overall the level of maturity of the design and its target audience were also evident — the humorous plays on the game of golf which resulted in special edition models of the three earlier generations being called "Golf Ryder", "Golf Driver", not to mention the GTI's "golf ball" gearlever knob were dropped, and replaced with a more subtly styled golf ball knob.

Design and engineering

As with the B4 Passat the year before, the Golf Mk IV was a very significant car in its class. As with its big brother, not only was it the first step of VW moving its products upmarket to plug a gap between the mainstream machines and the premium cars, with SEAT and Skoda taking over as the "mainstream" brands; it also brought in a new level of interior quality and sophistication never seen before from a mainstream brand in the class. In fact, the quality of the Golf was on a par with its sister Audi A3 from the year before. Although costing slightly more than its rivals, the price difference showed when it came to luxury and upmarket feel. Rivals launched beforehand now appeared cheap, while, famously, Ford engineers and designers were so far advanced with the yet-to-be-launched Mk I Focus, they were unable to react to the Golf, and could only make minor changes to the Focus' interior, which Ford initially felt would be ahead of rivals.

However, the advent of the Mk IV Golf meant that many mainstream rivals in the class had to raise their game with interior quality to the point where there are now virtually no differences in quality levels between some mainstream and premium cars in the class. Only the budget brands in the class have not raised their game, but this is reflected in their prices. More telling, though, is that the quality of the Mk IV was not repeated 100% in its replacement.

The latest model remained faithful to the Golf concept but included some of the new 'arched' styling themes first seen on the Mk IV Passat. The overall effect was considered to be far more pleasing than the previous model.

However, the upgrade of the vehicle's interior materials and exterior details appeared to have been done at the expense of the vehicle's chassis, which was average. Although the ride and handling was inferior to that of the Mk IV Vauxhall Astra/Mk II Opel Astra the average dynamics were reasonably well concealed in daily driving, though, and the car's reputation was unscathed until the Ford Focus was launched a year later. The chassis ability of the Ford was to have a profound effect on the Mk IV Golf's replacement.

As with the Golf II, a convertible version of the Golf IV was never made. Instead, the Golf III Cabrio was facelifted to give it the frontal styling of the Golf IV hatchbacks.

Volkswagen Golf Mk V

The fifth generation Golf was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in October of 2003 and went on sale in Europe one month later. It was not released in the United States until January of 2006, however, and then only in GTI form through the spring of 2006. For the presentation of the new Golf, Wolfsburg was renamed "Golfsburg" for a week. Before the North American launch of the Golf in June of 2006, Volkswagen of America announced the decision to rebrand the Golf and return the Rabbit nameplate to the U.S. and Canadian markets. It continues to be sold in Europe as Golf. Volkswagen of America is promoting the cost economy and native manufacture in Wolfsburg, Germany. Most print ads for the Rabbit show the old Rabbit badge (a running rabbit, commonly recognized by most Americans) with the phrase "It's back, at $14,990." TV ads show Rabbits chasing after each other with their numbers increasing until they fill the streets of a city, a sort of double entendre on the phrase "multiplying like rabbits".

Design and engineering

While the interior quality of the previous model startled rivals and led most of them to up their game in revised/replacement models, the astonishing chassis and all round ability of the Mk I Ford Focus startled Volkswagen (and indeed other rivals). In order to counter criticisms of the average dynamics of the previous model, it is widely reputed that Volkswagen poached from Ford the engineering team who designed the multi-link 'control blade' rear suspension system of the Ford Focus, widely regarded as the class benchmark for ride and handling. Indeed, the rear suspension of Golf V (a modified wishbone arrangement) bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the Focus.

The suspension changes, along with careful tuning of the chassis, led to the Mk V Golf delivering road manners which challenged the Ford Focus, and although the chassis ability was only just short of the Focus', the overall ability of the rest of the car led to the Mk V Golf being the best car in its class until the Mk 2 Ford Focus arrived in 2004.

The bulletproof interior quality of the previous generation appears to have been lost, and although still of a very high standard and ahead of other rivals the Golf no longer matches its in-house rival, the Audi A3. Many believe the reason for this step back in quality, also seen in the Mk V Passat of 2005, is to allow daylight between the marketing and price positioning of Audi and Volkswagen products. The previous generation Volkswagens were on a par with their Audi cousins.

The Golf V has proven expensive to build - largely due to its uncommonly long 50-hour build time. According to multiple reports in the European press, its replacement is thus likely to be rolled out in 2008, a good two years earlier than originally scheduled. This means that the production run of the US version of the Mark V - the Rabbit, introduced only in 2006 two years after its world debut - is likely to have an uncommonly short production run.


Options for engines and transmissions vary from country to country, but the Golf is available in petrol 4-cylinder and a new PD diesel unit-injector turbo direct injection engine. Transmission options include manual, automatic, Tiptronic, and direct-shift gearbox (DSG). North American-spec Rabbits will use the same 150 hp 2.5 L five-cylinder gasoline engine that powers the Jetta and New Beetle in these markets. North American transmission choices will include a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic with Tiptronic. All of the Golf's engines, including the VR6, have the engine mounting points in the same place, making it possible to remove one engine and replace it with another while making few other modifications to the car.


In December 2004, Volkswagen announced the Golf Plus variant of the Golf V. It is taller than the standard Golf, but 15 cm shorter than the other compact MPV of the marque, the seven-seater Touran. The Plus would replace the Variant station wagon in the Golf lineup, although a Variant may yet be released.

There will be no convertible version of the Golf V, as the Eos coupé convertible (introduced in Spring 2006) will be marketed as a separate model and the New Beetle convertible makes a droptop Golf redundant. The Eos does not share body panels with any other Volkswagen model, although it is based on the Jetta/Golf platform.

Performance models

The Golf V GTI is hailed as a return-to-form for the progenitor of the genre. The Golf GTI features a 2.0 litre turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine with FSI (Fuel Stratified Injection) direct-injection technology, which produces 200 bhp. It is available in both 3-door and 5-door hatchback body shapes, and comes with a choice of either 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic DSG gearbox which greatly reduces shift time to only 8ms . The concept GTI was first shown to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003. The first production model was initially unveiled at the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris in September 2004 and went on sale around the world shortly thereafter. At the Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2006 the GTI made its long awaited North American debut in 3-door guise. The new GTI has a considerable increase in price over the previous model, mainly due to the features mentioned above and the fact that the exterior itself had not seen such a dramatic aesthetical change in years. The innovative DSG transmission and the 200bhp engine all helped raise the retail price of the car.

In late September 2005, the R32 went on sale in Europe. It features a 3.2 L V6 FSI engine with 250 hp (184 kW) and reaches a top speed of 250 km/h. Going from 0 to 100 km/h will take a brisk 6.5 s, reduced to 6.2 s with the direct-shift gearbox. As with the previous R32; there is 4MOTION all wheel drive through 18" Zolder 20-spoke alloy wheels. Stopping the R32 comes in the form of blue-painted brake calipers with 345 mm discs at the front and 310 mm disks at the rear.

After much speculation, information on the Golf R36, the Golf V's high-end flagship, began to leak in April 2006. It will get the 3.6 litre V6 engine from the Passat, and cost around £1,500 more than the R32. With 19-inch wheels based on the Lamborghini Gallardo's, it is expected to race from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds. It keeps the R32's 4MOTION, but suspension changes are expected to make it more driver-focused, and less refined. A March 2007 launch is expected.

In September 2005, the Golf V GT was announced, which featured a 1.4 L engine in a new and impressive twincharger configuration. This new TSI engine is based on the recent FSI, but with a pair of chargers forcing the induction of the air. The chargers are a single supercharger that disengages after a specified rev-range, at which point charging of the air is handled by a single turbocharger. This system could benefit from both of the efficiency of the supercharger in the lower rev ranges, with the longevity of the turbocharger higher in the rev range. This results in no turbo lag, constant power deliverly along the rev range, and better fuel efficiency than similarly powered V6 2.4 L due to its small size.

The initial American ad campaign for the GTI featured the "fast", which Volkswagen says is the feeling and force inside you that likes driving and encourages your driving passion, with the tagline "Make friends with your fast". However, recently those ads were replaced with a series of ads starring Peter Stormare as a "German engineer" hired to "un-pimp ze auto" by taking tuner cars and smashing them, giving their owners a GTI instead. The slogan for the campaign is "Pre-tuned by German engineers", however it has been Stomare's lines of "VDub: representing Deutschland!" and "V-Dub: German, engineering, in da haus!", delivered with a stilted German accent and coupled with a "VDub" hand motion, that have popularized the ads

The "Twincharger" celebrates its premiere in the Golf GT

Wolfsburg, 29 August 2005 - At the International Motor Show (Cars) in Frankfurt, Volkswagen is presenting a ground-breaking innovation in the development of direct injection petrol engines: The world's first twin-turbocharged FSI engine - the "Twincharger". The engine developers at Volkswagen have taken an unusual approach to achieving lower fuel consumption values: Reduction in cubic capacity alongside the combination of an exhaust turbocharger with a compressor.

With the new 1.4 l 125 kW Twincharger engine, Volkswagen has impressively succeeded in pushing ahead with the logical further development of its own FSI technology to achieve even more driving pleasure and efficiency. The combination of exhaust turbocharging with an automatically switched, high-speed mechanical compressor develops the same torque as a high volume naturally aspirated engine at the same time as achieving lower consumption values.

In particular, the high level of torque developed at low engine speeds means that drivers can delay shifting gear for longer. This means customers are going to be even more excited about turbocharged SI engines - particularly since the average consumption is only 7.2 l/100 km (39.2 mpg). In addition, the design of the exhaust system helps to keep consumption as low as possible when driving at speed on the motorway.

However, driving pleasure is increased even more whilst retaining the low consumption values: From spring 2006, namely, the "Twincharger" can be combined with the fascinating DSG direct shift gearbox.

It is a successful synthesis between driving pleasure and economical responsibility. The compact power unit develops 125 kW / 170 PS and a maximum torque of 240 newton metres in the range between 1750 and 4500 rpm. With this engine, the Golf GT has a top speed of 220 km/h (136 mph) and reaches the 100 km/h (62 mph) mark in only 7.9 seconds. Its considerable torque makes the engine feel like a high-volume naturally aspirated engine, while the possibility of driving with fewer gearshifts keeps the overall fuel consumption down to a frugal 7.2 l/100 km (39.2 mpg). And, it goes without saying, there is plenty of power in reserve for overtaking on country roads.

Another performance variant of this innovative Twincharger engine with 103 kW / 138 PS (maximum torque 220 newton metres) will be available from early 2006, initially in the Touran compact MPV, and after that the Golf will also be available with this engine.

The new Golf GT -
Individual look - Innovative "Twincharger engine" -
The most powerful diesel engine in the compact segment

The new compact FSI with twin-turbocharging will first be used in the sporty Golf GT. This variant is positioned between the Golf Sportline and the Golf GTI. Its exterior is differentiated by an individual front section with a V-shaped grill in the body colour as well as special alloy wheels. Special sports seats and a three-spoke sports steering wheel lend additional appeal to the interior. Another power unit for the Golf GT will be available from the end of 2005 also: the powerful 125 kW / 170 PS 2.0 TDI. This four-valve TDI engine with piezoelectric pump/nozzle injection elements and a diesel particulate filter as standard gives the Golf GT extremely sporty performance with a torque of 350 newton metres, combined with attractive consumption values.

All the data and equipment options in this press release apply to the range of models offered in Germany. There may be differences in other countries. We reserve the right to make changes and correct mistakes.
The terms FSI, TDI and DSG are registered trademarks belonging to Volkswagen AG or to other companies in the Volkswagen Group in Germany.

In Brief: The New Jetta

Fifth generation of 6.6-million best-seller about to be launched in Europe

New design dynamics, new range of engines and a gigantic boot

One name across the world: The Bora is the Jetta again in Europe

Wolfsburg, 15 August 2005 - Volkswagen is bringing the new Jetta to Europe. The fifth generation of the saloon also sees the company introduce a standard name for all markets across the globe. In Germany / Europe, the Bora will therefore be called the Jetta again. It has more space to offer for long journeys than ever before. Compared with the Bora, the length of the new Jetta has grown around 18 centimetres to 4.55 metres. It also has an impressive 527-litre boot (plus 72 litres). This combination definitely works. In the USA, for example, the Jetta has managed to secure the position of best-selling car among all European manufacturers year after year.

Sporty. From now on, Volkswagen will position the Jetta, which has sold over 6.6 million units, more in the sporty/elegant area of compact saloons like the US concept. The more independent design with the chrome shield-like radiator grille inspired by the roadster study Concept R visually shows the progressive way. However, comfort has not been forgotten: The innovative safety chassis with its four-link rear axle technically allows an extraordinarily perfect symbiosis of high-quality comfort and driving dynamics.

No basic version and value for money improved

Luxury. Upon launch (Germany: 19 August), the new Jetta will be available in three equipment versions — Trendline, Comfortline and Sportline. The traditional basic version has therefore been left out. This saloon offers the best value for money in this segment. Just take the Jetta 1.6 Trendline, for example: Including standard features like semi-automatic air conditioning (Climatic), ESP, six airbags, active front head restraints, electromechanical power steering, power windows (all 4), central locking with remote control, electrically adjusted and heated door mirrors, soft-painted and thus refined plastics also in the low area on fittings, door panels and centre console, asymmetrically split folding rear seat backrests as well as 205 tyres (16 inch), the model has even been made cheaper compared with the Bora.

Power ranging from 75 kW / 102 hp to 147 kW / 200 hp

Agile. In Europe, Volkswagen will offer the new Jetta with a total of seven four-cylinder engines (four petrol, three diesel). The outputs range from 75 kW /102 hp (1.6) to 147 kW / 200 hp (2.0 FSI Turbo). Three of the four petrol engines and all diesels use direct injection. All engines fulfil the EU4 norm. Both the TDI and the turbo-charged 2.0 FSI (as featured in the Golf GTI) will be optionally available with the highly efficient and sporty DSG double-clutch gearbox (automatic, no traction interruption during gear shifts, no negative influence on consumption and performance). A six-speed automatic gearbox will also be available as an option for two other petrol engines.

Dimensions and space from the next class up

Larger. The transition from the Bora to the Jetta has not only seen a great leap in terms of design, but also in terms of interior and exterior dimensions. The new Jetta is 4.55 metres long (+ 17.8 cm). The width is 1.78 metres (+ 4.6 cm), the height 1.46 metres (+ 1.3 cm). Like the length, the wheelbase has been increased to 2.58 metres (+ 6.5 cm). The additional centimetres mainly benefit the rear passengers, who gain an extra 6.5 centimetres of legroom.

Standard Safety

LED taillights:
As standard, the Jetta has LED taillights in the style of the Golf Plus and Passat. LED technology provides considerably better illumination than conventional taillights. Other advantages include faster response, lower energy requirement and a longer lifespan.

Restraint systems:
In addition to the standard front airbags, side airbags and side curtains, you can also order optional side airbags for the rear. All five seats have head restraints and three-point belts. In the front, active head restraints, belt tensioners and belt force limiters are used.

Tyre pressure monitoring system:
As standard in the Jetta Comfortline, special sensors monitor the inflation pressure of the tyres and warn the driver when pressure is lost.

Crossing Borders – Markets and Mexico

Global Player: According to the volume ranking, the ten most important markets for the Jetta outside Germany and the USA are the UK, Turkey, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Sweden. They are followed by Poland, Japan, Ireland, Hungary and Finland on the next five places. The new Jetta is built at VW’s Puebla plant in Mexico using the latest production techniques: The body is assembled using laser welding and high-strength steels. Compared with the previous model, the length of the laser welding joints has been increased 14 fold. This is one of the ways we have managed to increase the static and dynamic body stiffness to the two-digit range.

All data and equipment mentioned in this press kit applies to the model range offered in Germany. Models for other countries may differ. Modifications and errors excepted.
The terms FSI, TDI and DSG are registered trademarks of Volkswagen AG or other Volkswagen Group companies in Germany.


The 2006 GLI is Volkswagen's answer to drivers who seek the sporty attitude, style and driving dynamics of an Autobahn-bred performance sedan with the everyday practicality of a large four-door compact, all at a solid Volkswagen value that offers a lot of car for the money.

Backed by the promise of Volkswagen's advanced German engineering and meticulous attention to details, the new GLI infuses the very best of Volkswagen's unique driving pleasure sought by the automaker's enthusiasts everywhere into the solid 2006 Jetta line-up, which includes the all-new Jetta Value Edition, Jetta 2.5, Jetta 2.0 T, and Jetta TDI.

Like all Jettas recently launched in calendar year 2005, the new GLI is the product of a complete redesign and is thus bigger than previous Jetta GLI models in nearly every dimension, including occupant space, legroom and trunk volume. While the GLI is clearly a Jetta sibling, its exterior and interior design features clearly distinguish it as a very performance-minded alternative in the line-up. New styling incorporates several sporty updates that give the GLI a more aggressive overall presence than any Jetta before it.

The heart of the 2006 GLI is Volkswagen's new and highly regarded 2.0 T turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 200 horsepower at 5,500 to 6,000 revolutions per minute and 207 ft.-lbs. of torque from 1,800 to 4,700 rpm. With a standard six-speed manual transmission, the new GLI accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 6.7 seconds.

The transverse, front-mount engine incorporates dual overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, and maintenance-free hydraulic lifters for smooth, worry-free operation. A fully electronic engine management system includes drive-by-wire throttle control and FSI direct injection for optimal fuel combustion, which increases power, improves efficiency, and reduces emissions.

The 2006 GLI is available with Volkswagen's new six-speed DSG™ automatic transmission with Tiptronic® as an option. The direct shift gearbox permits fully automatic or manual gear changes using a twin-clutch, wet-plate design that eliminates the power interruption associated with traditionally clutched gear changes.

Sport-oriented drivers will surely find pleasure behind the wheel of a GLI, as will those who measure performance satisfaction by miles per gallon. An Environmental Protection Agency fuel economy rating of 32 Highway/25 City and an electronically limited top speed of 130 mph confirm that power and economy can come in one package.

Several model-exclusive cues differentiate the new GLI from its 2006 Jetta siblings. A standard sport suspension, blue-tinted windows, a black honeycomb mesh grille with red surround strip, a rear passenger-side GLI badge, and optional 18-inch alloy wheels and summer performance tires provide a unique exterior appearance.

Model-exclusive interior treatments include alloy pedals and trim, sport seat fabric, and a three-spoke, leather-wrapped multi-function sport steering wheel with audio and telephone controls, plus shift paddles for the optional DSG automatic transmission.

Two GLI options packages are available. The first adds a power sunroof, and satellite radio for a choice of XM® or SIRIUSä service. The second options package includes Climatronicä dual-zone automatic climate control, top-level front sport seats with leather seating surfaces, heated front seats, and heated windshield washer nozzles.

The list of technologically advanced standard equipment on the GLI is extensive and includes: auto-leveling, high intensity gas-discharge Xenon headlights with washer system; a next-generation Electronic Stabilization Program; four-wheel independent suspension; electro-mechanical steering; and a multi-function trip computer with compass and instant calculations for elapsed time and distance and fuel usage.

Standard comfort and convenience features include fully reclining, eight-way manually adjustable sport seats with height and lumbar support adjustments, plus adjustable and lockable head restraints.

As with every new Volkswagen automobile, a comprehensive package of safety features comes standard, including front and side supplemental airbag restraints for the driver and front passenger, Side Curtain Protectionä for front and back passenger head protection, a three-point safety belt for each seating position, crash-active front headrests, a rear LATCH system to aid child seat positioning and restraint, and crash-optimized body panels.

A rear passenger side thorax airbag supplemental restraint system is available as an option, as are 18-inch alloy wheels and summer performance tires.

The new GLI and the entire all-new Jetta line-up are built to segment-leading quality standards at the Volkswagen production facility in Puebla, Mexico. With a stronger body than its predecessors, the Jetta is the first car model to "ace" the International Institute for Highway Safety side impact crash tests. The 2006 Jetta earns an IIHS "Best Pick" in its class.

CrossGolf combines worlds of the SUV and MPV

Volkswagen is celebrating the world premiere of a new version of the Golf at the Paris Motor Show: the CrossGolf. It merges the can-do qualities of a compact SUV with the versatility of a small MPV into a new crossover model. Like its little brother - the successful CrossPolo - the CrossGolf was also individually conceived by the experts division in matters of refinement and special vehicles at Volkswagen.


SUV means "Sports Utility Vehicle", denoting a significantly more "civilian" stage on the path to the "tough" off-road vehicle. In terms of body the CrossGolf shares the same can-do spirit with this vehicle. Approx. 480,000 compact SUVs were sold in Europe in 2005. MPV means "Multi Purpose Vehicle", referring to a van. With its versatile and spacious interior the CrossGolf also bridges this segment. Just under 1.4 m compact SUVs were sold in Europe in 2005. SUV and MPV - the new CrossGolf is precisely positioned between these poles. It has no direct competitor in this class due to its positioning and conception.

The front-wheel drive only CrossGolf is based on the Golf Plus Sportline. And that's why the CrossGolf also features practical details such as a foldable back seat that can even be moved lengthwise, folding tables on the backs of the front seats and pigeonholes below, an elevated seating position and the basic four doors and large hatchback. The new kid on the block features parallels to the SUV world on the outside. Characterizing the CrossGolf here are special side coverings, independent bumpers and 20 mm higher ground clearance, including 17" wheels and much more. For the European market launch in November the Volkswagen will be available with two gasolinepowered engines (1.6 + 1.4 TSI) and two turbodiesel engines (1.9 TDI + 2.0 TDI) with output ranging from 75 kW / 102 PS to 103 kW / 140 PS. Like all Golfs, the new model will have the ESP stabilization system including counter-steering feature and trailer stabilization, ABS along with brake assistant and six airbags as standard equipment. As standard equipment: the "Climatic" air-conditioning system.


On the exterior numerous modifications distinguish the CrossGolf from the classical GolfPlus design. Especially striking here are the new CrossGolf "Ice Silver" color, new bumpers and the all-round integrated coverings from a robust as well as first-class carbon fiber in "Anthracite Satin Effect" color. The side sills, wheel arches, door frame and bumpers are covered.

Front section.

The top-class body covering frames the lower-set radiator air inlets in the front and the fog lights integrated there as standard equipment. The mid-section of the bumper was designed in the style of an underride protection; it is kept in a silver shade. Its V-shape is continued in the contoured sweep of the engine hood.

Rear section.

Just as striking is the rear bumper with a stylized underride protection that has also proved popular among SUVs; this element dominates the bumper due to its large width. In its design effect the silver underride protection underscores the powerful appearance of the new CrossGolf.

Side section.

The standard roof railing is finished in "Brilliant Chrome" silver. In terms of design, the 17 inch light alloy wheel rims are also related to the wheels of the CrossPolo. Apart from these light elements, it is again the contrast to the dark coverings that gives the silhouette of the CrossGolf its own unique character. The wheel arches were also covered similar to the successful CrossPolo. The protective covering in easy terrain goes from the wheel arches into the sides of the bumpers and over to the side sills. These in turn have a strong effect, because the lower door frames are also covered and visually form a single unit with the arches. Along with the side trim that is also reinforced, this provides effective protection against the denting that can occur on mean city streets when the doors of parallel parked cars are opened carelessly.


Just like the outside, the interior of the CrossGolf features a high-contrast world of colors. The interior trim was specially developed for the new model. This includes the materials and coloring of the seat and door coverings and the dashboard appointments.


The inner sections of the seats and armrests feature a waff le structure; they also contrast in color from the sides and the backs of the seats. The backs of the driver and passenger seats are also outfitted with folding tables and storage pockets. A practical storage compartment is also located under each of the standard equipment sports seats. The door coverings match the seats in appearance. The upholstered interior is kept in the same shade of color as the inner sections of the seats.


The CrossGolf is also distinguished by the dashboard appointments in silver metallic. Unlike in the Golf Plus, the overall eight round air emission vents feature "Ice Silver Metallic" rings. Also standard equipment aboard the new CrossGolf: a three spoke leather steering wheel, leather covered shift lever, a specially designed shift lever knob (not with DSG), many storage compartments, inside door trim with CrossGolf logo, pedal caps in top-quality aluminum finish and floor mats framed in a contrasting shade of green.

Interior dimensions.

Like the basic Golf Plus the interior of the CrossGolf features a high degree of versatility and markedly good ergonomics. In front driver and passenger benefit equally: The combination of comparatively high dashboard and raised seating position 7.5 cm higher than the "classic" Golf (plus 8.5 cm in the back) creates a feeling of spaciousness similar to that offered by a compact SUV. This impression reinforces the interior height of 100.7 cm (97.6 cm in back). In addition, the CrossGolf offers lots of leg space in both front and back. And that's not all: Depending on position the back seat that can be split, moved lengthwise or folded down, the volume of the cargo area can vary between a minimum of 395 and a maximum of 505 liters. If the back seat rests are folded down completely up to 1,450 liters of cargo volume is available. The cargo area f loor is also adjustable: Additional cargo space is created if it is placed in the higher of two possible positions.


Volkswagen will offer the CrossGolf with two gasoline and two diesel engines. The entry-level version of the gasoline engines achieves 75 kW / 102 PS, the basic TDI engine generates 77 kW / 105 PS. The top of the line engines (1.4 TSI and 2.0 TDI) are each 103 kW / 140 PS strong. The Twincharger 1.4 TSI deserves special attention. Thanks to twin charging via compressor and turbocharger it features an extremely high-torque and agile characteristic. Nevertheless, the engine is exceptionally thrifty. Like the two TDIs equipped with a particle filter, the TDI can also be equipped with a DSG direct shift gearbox.

Golf GTI W12-650 - The 325 km/h GTI

Daring to create something unique, leaving conventions behind and awakening passion - these have been at the heart of the GTI concept since its inception. To date, more than 1.67 million car drivers have fallen under its charm. The Golf GTI has been an icon for a long time now. A brand in itself. A label of sportiness. To drive a GTI is to make a statement; across the globe. Since 1982, its greatest fans have been celebrating it every year at the Wörthersee in the Austrian state of Kärnten. Thousands come for this event. Five days of Mardi Gras in May. For this occasion, Volkswagen has put a Golf on wheels that is like no other: The GTI W12-650 showcar. This sports car is a tribute to our GTI friends at the Wörthersee, car fans who made the GTI a legend. It is a concept that was designed just for them.

No Golf has ever been more powerful, or wider, or faster. The GTI W12-650 gives the appearance of having come directly from the racetrack. A Golf that could be the pace car for the 24 hour race at Le Mans. Its name is its mission: W12 cylinders, 650 PS (477 kW at 6,000 rpm). A showcar, no more, no less. At the same time it demonstrates the enormous potential that such a car can offer.

3.7 seconds, 325 km/h, 750 Newton-meter

Its 6.0-liter bi-turbo engine is longitudinally mounted directly behind the driver and front passenger. This transforms the GTI into a classic mid-engine sports car. A six-speed automatic transmission hammers the maximum torque of 750 Newton-meters (at 4,500 rpm) to the rear axle. It catapults the GTI to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds. The bi-turbo propels drivers who keep their foot to the gas pedal well beyond the 300 km/h barrier. The speedometer needle does not pause until it reaches 325 km/h. The Golf GTI W12-650 outpaces nearly all other cars of this world.

1.88 meters wide, 235 tires in front, 295 in back

Under the broad 1.88 meter (production: 1.76 meter) width and low 1.42 meter (production: 1.50 Meter) height of its body, engineers and designers have brought together automotive technologies not seen in this combination on any other car. Each component is sourced internally. That in particular is a tribute to the unequaled breadth of technology at Volkswagen AG.

The chassis components of this showcar, for example, were adapted directly from a super sports car. Mounted on the front axle are 235 tires in 19-inch format, while in the rear there are 295 tires. Naturally, alloy wheels are also used: Due to the gigantic tire dimensions, the brightly machined "Detroit" GTI wheels are "dished" in the direction of the wheel hub and are custom built; the pitch circle with the wheel nuts lies much deeper than the rim circle.

70 millimeters lower, 160 millimeters wider

The axles were "pushed" 70 millimeters further into the body; the wheel well cutouts and gigantic wheel arches are part of the shoulder section, as in a coupe. Klaus Bischoff, Director of Volkswagen Design: "In the rear, the showcar is 80 millimeters wider on each side. However, the body of the GTI easily takes this in. We already have a strong shoulder section here on the production model. We were able to draw it outward even more distinctly, like on a sports car."

The chief designer continues: "Our goal was clearly defined - despite the somewhat dramatic engineering changes, it was very clear that the GTI was to remain a classic GTI. The design of the Golf is like a fingerprint. If it is erased, the entire character of the car is ruined. That could not be allowed to happen under any circumstances." That is also why as many components as possible, such as the headlamps, the doors - newly hung due to the wide side skirt - front hood and taillights were taken from the Golf.

C-pillars as part of air duct for engine cooling

"Our greatest challenge", says Klaus Bischoff, "was to provide the six-liter mid-engine with sufficient air, without watering down the GTI's side profile. In addition, provisions had to be made for sufficient downforce at the rear axle on such a fast type of car. But for aesthetic reasons we did not want to put an enormous rear spoiler on the car."

In both cases a trick helped. Klaus Bischoff: "The strongest Golf design elements are the C-pillars. But it is precisely here that we needed air ducts for engine cooling air. Therefore, the C-pillars were redesigned on short order to assume this function of routing air to the engine. In doing so, we simply made the rear windows turn inward. This created two ducts between the windows and the C pillars, on the left and right, through which air flows for engine cooling. We got the rest of the cooling air in front via the gigantic radiators and the ducts connected to them, as well as on the sides via air inlets on the side skirts." Expressed differently: At first glance all parts of the rear section look like a production GTI, but it was actually redesigned intensively.

Carbon-fiber roof is a diffuser

Innovative body construction has also prevented the lines of the GTI W12-650 from being ruined by a roof-mounted wing. Klaus Bischoff: "This GTI carries its wing internally. The roof is part of an enormous diffuser that supplies sufficient downforce to the rear axle. It consists of a carbon-fiber material and directs the air over and under the rear spoiler to achieve road grip, like in car racing."

The bumpers of the showcar are powerful and at the same time coherently designed. In the rear, as in the front, the GTI W12-650 is characterized by enormous air inlets and outlets. Two dual chrome-plated tailpipes frame the air outlet in the rear. At the front of the car, the eye-catching straight-line grille between the headlamps, with its red frame, is reminiscent of the first GTI.

Interior with racing ambitions

Every modern-day GTI driver would feel at home right away in this interior. The leather Alcantara covers for the race car bucket seats are newly designed. Three round gauges in the middle of the instrument cluster are also reminiscent of the original GTI. Details taken from car racing, on the other hand, include the transparent "flip-up switch covers" for important functions such as ESP deactivation. To prevent accidental switch activations, the transparent covers are "flipped up" with the index finger before activating the switch underneath. Another reference to car racing is the integrated fire extinguisher in place of a glove box. For weight reasons, the door trim was completely "stripped"; only screens are used, which quite intentionally offer a view of the internal workings of the door mechanisms.

New Golf Variant debuts at the Geneva Motor Show

For 45 years now, Volkswagens with extra-large cargo areas have been called - unless they are a van - "Variant". To date, more than 6.1 million of them have been sold worldwide. Now there is a new one: The Golf Variant. The third generation of the Golf Variant will be presented in a world premiere at the International Geneva Motor Show. Its market introduction is scheduled for this summer, initially in Europe.

This wagon, which is as spacious as it is variable, is being supplemented with the addition of a third - and fourth - body version to the successful Golf product lineup. Version 1: The classic Golf, the "icon", including the "GT", "GTI" and "R32". Version 2: The Golf Plus with greater height, higher seat position and longitudinally adjustable rear bench seat. The new CrossGolf, which is based on the Golf Plus, is also being launched currently. Version 3: The Jetta; although it is not called a Golf, in its DNA it is one. For years now, this version has proven to be the most successful car of any German car producer in America. The new version 4: The Golf Variant - not only as a TDI that outputs 77 kW / 105 PS and is economical (5,2 liters diesel per 100 km) and clean (137 g/km CO2).


More than 1.2 million Golf Variants have been sold over two model generations since 1993. The new generation of the five-door Volkswagen is meant to continue this success story. Once again, the Golf Variant is characterized by an ideal ratio of interior and exterior dimensions. This is precisely what has always been a key factor in its formula for success: Impressive cargo space dimensions together with reasonable exterior dimensions. The new Golf Variant is not any different in this regard: When the cargo net is installed (standard starting with Comfortline), even with five occupants on board the Golf Variant can carry 690 liters of cargo; up to the load sill at the window level this still amounts to 505 liters (without spare wheel well). When the rear bench seat is folded, the full interior height (0,83 meters) can be utilized, and up to 1.550 liters of cargo can be stowed in the 4.56 meter long Volkswagen.


When the rear bench is folded, the continuously f lat cargo area of the new Golf Variant measures 1,74 meters up to the driver's seatback. There are additional storage compartments under the cargo area and in its side trim. Even if the asymmetrical split bench is not lowered, a respectable 1,07 meters of cargo space depth is still available. The maximum width: 1,29 meters. Another dimension that is crucial when it comes to cargo capacity: Payload capacity. And here too the new Golf Variant has a whole lot to offer with 607 to 629 kilograms capacity (depending on engine version). And it is easier to load cargo with a liftover height of just 57 centimeters.


A synthesis of new and classic style elements marks the design of the third Golf Variant. In its silhouette, the lines of the new Volkswagen definitely forge links to the Passat Variant. Nevertheless, from this side perspective the Golf Variant also exhibits a high level of autonomy. One unmistakable characteristic: The taillights that wrap around far into the car's flank.

The rear end of the new Variant shows an entirely new side of the Golf. While about half of each taillight is integral to the rear hatch on other body versions of the model series, on the Golf Variant they are integrated completely in the fender. Visually, the taillights emphasize the large load width of the hatch opening. And it is actually over one meter wide. Simultaneously, the rear design of the Golf Variant attains a very independent character due to the newly designed taillights.

Typical Volkswagen design characteristics, analogous to those of the Passat Variant, are the rear window that wraps around to the D pillars (also an indicator of large load width) and the roof edge spoiler that acts as a trailing edge to optimize aerodynamics (increased tread pressure, better fuel economy). Air resistance coefficient: cW = 0.31. In parallel, spoiler accentuates the decidedly sporty image of the new Golf Variant.

The front end design is distinguished by the chrome-plated insignia radiator grille. This is also ref lected in the chrome bumper protector strips. Taken 1:1 from the general model series were its headlamps (optional bi-xenon for low and high beam lamps), fenders and engine hood.


At its market introduction Volkswagen will be offering the Golf Variant with two gasoline and two diesel engine options. The gasoline engine outputs 75 kW / 102 PS. The two diesels of the Golf Variant deliver even more power with extraordinary economy: 77 kW / 105 PS and 103 kW / 140 PS, and they are among the most efficient engines ever. The smaller of these two TDIs is content with just 5,2 liters fuel per 100 kilometers. CO2 emissions: Just 137 g/km. Moreover, the large TDI of the new Golf Variant is as fuel efficient as it is environmentally friendly. In spite of its hefty maximum torque of 320 Nm, the Golf Variant 2.0 TDI, which can attain speeds up to 205 km/h, consumes just 5,6 liters fuel per 100 kilometers. Its CO2 value is 148 g/km. Like the Golf, Golf Plus and Jetta, the Golf Variant will also be available with different six-speed automatic transmissions, including the DSG dual-clutch transmission.


Like the "classic" Golf, the new Golf Variant will also have the "Trendline", "Comfortline" and "Sportline" equipment lines. Even the "Trendline" base model exhibits extensive convenience and safety features including six airbags and ESP. All versions get bumpers and accent protector strips in car color, as well as a chrome insignia radiator grille and roof rails.

Buyers of the Golf Variant Comfortline also get 16-inch alloy wheels ("Misano" type) with 205 tires, "Climatic" semi-automatic climate control system, "comfort seats" in front (including adjustable lumbar support and center armrest), a rear seating system with center armrest and cargo pass-through feature, automatic dimming rearview mirror, and sensors for rain and driving lights. The Golf Variant Sportline comes with standard features such as a sports chassis lowered by 15 millimeters, sports seats in front, 16-inch alloy wheels ("Atlanta" type) with 205/55 tires, on-board computer, leather sports steering wheel and identical climate control system. Volkswagen Individual is also planning a special exclusive version of the new Golf Variant.


As a feature of all versions of the Golf Variant, there will be a newly designed panorama sunroof. With a length of 1,36 meters and a width of 0,87 meters the transparent sunroof spans a large section of the interior, providing for a light-filled, friendly ambiance. The roof consists of two halves, the front section of which can be raised as well as completely opened. To preserve full interior height, the opening segment is driven out above the closed section of roof. An electrically-powered sunshade can be used to protect against intense sunlight.

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Then in came his daughter, in came Bethany. He was th nike air max 2014 inking that he was having a dream when it happened.' H cheap nike air max ofstetter pauses. nike air max 2014 'My N0W first goal, along with other people in Hawaii, was to organ......more

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Second prada outlet Saturdays presents Cassandra Robertson and Wynter BurnsLBCC Art presen prada sunglasses for women 17-49-1891091 ts the exhibit, 'Community Ground v.2'Your opportunitiesOn displayBox officeMovie bitsAlbany: Hannah L. Aeby, Bachelo......more

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O'Connell said Zahorski will h prada shoes for men 17-49-1890447 opefully be ready to return by the end of the month as she recovers prada candy from a knee injury suffered in club soccer. The coach expects Shumaker to see a lot of playing time. "Sh......more

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Diamond Rings the eternity rings have been used as engagement jewels since nike air max 2014 decades. And for those who lo air max 95 ve wearing authentic jewellery, diamonds have always been N0W their favorites for they not only reflect their pe......more

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Controversial spr prada cat eye sunglasses inter Just prada sung in Gatlin, who served a four year doping ban from 2006, won the men 100m that was run against the backdrop of last weekend revelati prada wallet 17-50-1893490 ons that leading sprinters......more

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24, Oct. 29, Nov. 26. There are two main issues besides f prada outlet online 17-49-1890554 eeding 1. Kittens N0W prada outlet online prada handbags outlet 17-49-1890554 this age need to be kept warm and out of drafts. One way to keep them warm is t......more

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But the average tenure is two and a half years, says a person prada wall familiar with the company retention numbers, and as foot traff prada mens sunglasses ic has increased, turnover rates in many stores have increased, too. Internal surveys at st......more

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John Tiffany, who took prada sunglasses men N0W control of the NTS's breakout prada snea hit, Black Watch, instigated this project. But rather than blithely trying to recreate the "once in a generation" success of Tiffany's most famous p mens prad......more

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During the catalog portion of the sale, a "garage kept" 1988 M nike free run 2 pas cher ercedes 560SL wil nike free run femme l push the pedal to the metal in terms of bidder interest. The sporty "Desert Sand" colored two seater shows 130,000 odomete......more

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Before rolling into th nike air max 1 e Twin Cities Thursday, Mitt Romney promised 3 mill nike air m ion new jobs and $1 trillion in new N0W revenue. Julie Pace and Matthew Daly of the AP report: "Seeking to reset his economic message, Republican Mi......more

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For Sagarin, and those in power who have been listening to him, the US's prada outlet operations in Iraq and Afghanistan were further proof prada outlet 17-49-1893031 of concept. Here a mighty but inflexible military machine faced the insurgents' m......more

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Others. "Best" merchandise will o cheap nike air max 90 ffer hand cut stained glass stained glass, in nike air max 2013 general, windows made of colored glass. To a large extent, the name is a misnomer, for staining is only one of the methods of col......more

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Many make the mistake of buying jewelry and clothes for their value or beca nike free run use they are trendy nike femme , and not as accessories to enhance their unique personality. On the other nike free run hand, they're competing with Yurman with......more

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Pyrantel, however, doesn't treat tapeworms. T prada wallet he wormer at pet stores was more expensive than the medication I buy a prada baroque sunglasses 17-50-1893669 t the vet, which was prada wallet Drontel. Identifying what species of parasite i......more

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Emma nike free run 2 p nike free run 2 pas cher as cher Pooley (Cervelo TestTeam) defended her lea nike free 3.0 der's jersey earned in the opening stage to claim the overall classification, the Briton's second stage race win of the season. Arndt fin......more

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Soph prada shoes 17-49-1889648 omore Juliana Comer will take on a more offenisve role alongside prada sunglasses for men junior Kate Reese, who was a leading scorer as a freshman but missed most of last year with a knee injury. Senior Carly Shapiro ......more

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Which brings me to the subject of runways. cheap nike air max For years, there's been talk of adding a third runway at Heathrow to allevi nike air max 1 sale ate all the ground congestion and taxiway delays. If you think 18 years is a long time to w......more

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The Bonita Springs / Estero Economic Developmen louis vuitton handbags t Council (BSEEDC) Board of Directors unanimously named Christine Ross as louis vuitton shoes the new Executive Director of the Council. She will remain louis vuitton handbags in......more

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I didn't expect it to be so expensive. I have tried to get affordable h mens prada sunglasses ousing, but it's not available and if it is then they don't accept prada eyeglasses animals. The average apartment is going for $1400 out here. You know, t......more

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It nike free run 2 18-0-1989299 worked flawlessly. But on larger lo nike free run 2 18-0-1989299 ads, it will not nike free run 2 pas cher spin unless you hold down the lid switch and "jump start" it by spinning it by hand. And even after doing that......more

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Jock prada handbags sale itch mostly affects prada handbags sale people who sweat often and a lot, such as athletes prada eyeglasses 17-50-1893730 and N0W prada eyeglasses 17-50-1893730 overweight individuals. The sweat on the groin areas makes it ......more

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If something can never be measured, then it can never affect the uni nike free verse, thus it nike femme is not real, and thus is not part of the universe and not part of reality. Even if we could not directly see the Higgs Bison, we could see it e......more

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Th prada wall is free museum is a must see for a prada aviator sunglasses rt lovers who would appreciate a complete overview of works of art from ancient times to modern day. N0W prada wall W prada wallet ith more than 6,000 paintings, drawings and a......more

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In Greece, lawmakers moved forward a controversial packet of measu nike air max 2014 res that would cut spending and raise taxes by $40 billion. So nike air m me $70 billion in government services would be privatized. Police in Athens fired tear gas ......more

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3. Clothing ma nike free run 2 pas cher de by you will fit your unique figure nike free 3.0 18-0-1985291 and taste better. nike free run 2 pas cher Buying Clothing from a department store doesn't fit every figure or every nike free run 5.0 preferan......more

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The Barrow's Goldeneye has a louis vuitton shoes puffy, oval shaped head with a steep fore louis vuitton sale head. They have a louis vuitton shoes stubby, triangular bill. The are a medium sized duck. "I'm only four years out of a canc louis vuitto......more

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Class A Tuesday: Lincoln Southeast at Lincoln Northeast, 6:30; Pap prada cand illion La Vista South at Omaha Westside, 7; M prada wallet illard North at Bellevue West, 7; Papillion La Vista at Omaha Burke, 7:30. Thursday: Omaha Marian at Millard West......more

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Ah, Love springs anew in the trailer park. Possible centerpieces for the d nike air max ouble wide hosting the fesivities mi cheap nike air max 1 ght include a Briggs and Stratton Engine in disrepair, a Garth Brooks/Marlboro theme shrine, a collage o......more

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When the plant is grown in the wild in Chile, Lapageria ros louis vuitton bags ea would be pollinated by the long billed hummingbird. louis vuit The pendent blooms can extend to around 2 to 4 inches or 7 9cm in length. Gardeners will need to help ......more

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Outlook: Not focusing on repeating, Taylor instead wants hi louis vuitton uk s team to f louis vuitton shoes orge its louis vuitton uk own identity. Expect the Chiefs to look the same though, defending with passion and playing smart, opportunistic ba......more

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A day before his first game against the new look Nets, air max 90 James N0W air max 90 said he was startled by hypocrisy nike air ma nike air max x upon learning about the trade that sent Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to Brooklyn.Bloomb......more

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28. The annual middle school PTSO nike femme Halloween dance will be held nik nike femme e free run pas cher o nike free run pas cher n Oct. 29. Just nike free 3.0 18-0-1987740 like its attributes that once heated the heat will directly hit nike free......more

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KENTUCKY (2) vs. Delaware (6) Delle Donne and Samarie Walker could prada handbags 17-50-1894459 have been teammates at UConn. Instead, they will be faci prada shoes for men 17-49-1892790 ng each other in the regional semifinals. Holly and Paul aft......more

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Candelario Jr., Rosemary N. Canone, Salvatore R. Carrodo, Jeffr louis vuitton handbags ey N. Engelhardt louis vuitton belt 17-46-1861201 S. Ersoff M. Fehd and Aaron E. That distinct sink of great help to help true ghd good hair days Digital video di......more

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Front row (kneeling, from left): Laura Cobb, Danvers prada mens sunglasses ; Andrea Smolinsky, Tewksbury; prada sunglasses and Leanne Manousaridis, Arlington. First row (from left): Brianna Semenza, Wakefield; Janet Nicosia, No. Reading; Nicole Chas......more

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Aardman are best known for claymation, but Arthur is a big, nike free run 2 bright 3D computer ani chaussure nike mation. "The look of it is completely beautiful," says Baynham (who also wrote Borat!). "I was speaking to the cloth and hair guy, one ......more

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An aging Roger Moore was said to have very little chemistry with louis vuitton bags any of louis vuitton bags the leadi louis vuitton uk 17-46-1863697 ng ladies of the film, but that didn't stop his Bond from sleeping with a record four women. (34) ......more

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Pulse chop until evenly combined but still slightly air max 95 chunky. Taste. Usually you do not need salt because of the sal nike air m t in the roasted pumpkin seeds and cheese. Since they usually deal with existing stable businesses, mezzanine f......more

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478 489.Wilson, C. 2012, 'Resha prada wall ping Social Impact N0W prada wall Assessm prada sunglasses 17-49-1890293 ent: Implications for Resource Companies and N0W prada sunglasses 17-49-1890293 their Role in Housing Provision', Network, 74 (1), p......more

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Today, every CH boutique is nike free run 3 furni nike free run pas cher 18-0-1986046 shed with heavily customized ebony cabinets and sterling silver accessories nike free run 3 as a tribute to nike free run pas cher 18-0-1986046 Richard Stark's lif......more

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Regis Hotel for dessert. S louis vuitton wallet he also takes along business partners or potential clie louis vuitton bags 17-46-1863224 nts. Jane is then left to find her own amusement while the adults talk business. Since there are so many newsgrou......more

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I was h . Steps that you can follow to get your girlfriend fall mad prada wallet ly in love with you. Is there "A Speci prada shoes for men al Girl or Woman" you love so much, but don't know how to get her? Here is a sure way to flirt with her make l......more

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A passionately private man, Ford cloistered our whe womens nike air max reabouts from his millions of readers while delighting the nike air max 95 17-38-1786480 m with stories womens nike air max about our eclectic, eccentric, colorful townsfolk. I, ......more

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Bacon, Kyle P. Barnes, Ashleigh N. louis vuitton belt Beaulieu, Rebeka M. As in louis vuitton belt me and another gir louis vuitton sale l. But he said that he doesn like to share me, not even with a woman. I just fine with that!. The snake was 10 f......more

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Different flowers meaning different things. Whil nike free run 3 18-0-1984645 e Bones was hiding she found the first person that Palent had k nike free run 2 pas cher illed. She brushed it clean from the earth around the skeleton and left flowers beh......more

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That said, I suspect your c prada eyeglasses opy is an prada eyegla prada handbags sses offset prada handbags print reissue, as it appears to lack the textured impressions typical of the original letterpress process. I also have reservations about th......more

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Tables are made of dark wood and have a good number prada sunglasses for women of accessories and floral arrangements. The furniture is u prada handbags sually low profile and sleek. Simplicity is key in a contemporary living room. The second half s......more

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When choosing Tiffany inspired desk nike air m lighting, it is important to consider both design and functio air max 95 n. It is possible to use the smaller sized compact fluorescent bulbs in most of these lamps, thus bringing their energy effici wo......more

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Furthermore, with a return on equity of 22.31% and r nike free run femme eturn on assets of 14.90%, Nike ranks in the nike free run 2 18-0-1988643 88th percentile among its competitors. In Q2 2013, its revenues grew by 7% annually to reach $5.9 bill......more

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O'Connell said Zahorski will hopefully be re prada baroque sunglasses ady to return by the end of the month as she recover prada outl s from a knee injury suffered in club soccer. The coach expects Shumaker to see a lot of playing time. "She is impro......more

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